Who Are We?

The HipTouch project was born after realised that the world have changed. The future of earphone is wireless, indeed, at term everybody will use Bluetooth earphones and it is starting right now!

Let's face it, high quality branded earphones are expensive. At HipTouch we don't allow big companies to dictate the price for new products. As music fans we thought that it was insane to spend 200USD for earphones, we decided that it need to change!

Based in Germany, after creating our company and months of work, our team has designed the most aesthetic, technology pack and high quality earphones ranges at the best price you can find!

Wireless Earphones are a life changer, you can now freely listening music at the gym, calling your friends, even if your phone is in another room, watching TV or playing video games. Thanks to HipTouch all of this is now possible at a reasonable price, you can keep your 200USD for something else!

Embraced change, and start today to use your HipTouch earphones, if you have any questions our team is available 7/7 by email, support@hiptouch.com or live chat.

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